Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

Chemo Round 6: Day 4

We’ve only been here 4 days but it feels like it’s been much longer. Not sure if it’s because we were home a bit longer or because she’s been so sick the past few days. We’re halfway finished with the chemo part of this round though so YAY!

Chemo Round 6: Day 3

It’s been a sicky poo day with fevers today. I know I’ve asked for prayers several times today and her fever would go away but come back soon after. She has been getting some antibiotics to cover any infection that might be trying to start up but the fevers are most likely from the chemo.… Continue reading Chemo Round 6: Day 3

Chemo Round 6: Day 2

It started off being a pretty good day other than Shyanne being upset because breakfast was late and they forgot her eggs. Thankfully momma keeps a bunch of snacks on hand.

Chemo Round 5: Day 2

Shyanne had a pretty good day other than a bit of fussiness. She got to pick out a costume that had been donated by Spirit Halloween… you’ll see pictures next week. She also got a new sparkly orange tutu that she sported most of the day. We did have to switch rooms because the thermostat… Continue reading Chemo Round 5: Day 2

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