Chemo Round 3: Day 5: No More Chemo!

All I can say is Thank God that today was a better day and Thank You all for your continued prayers! Shyanne has had no fevers today and she has eaten much better than any other day since we’ve been here and that makes me feel so much better. We also got our food tray… Continue reading Chemo Round 3: Day 5: No More Chemo!

Chemo Round 3: Day 3

Last night was pretty rough and today wasn’t much better. Shyanne’s fever has kept coming back and has been as high as 39.7… we’ve been using Tylenol, cold compresses, and ice packs to keep her temperature down. As soon as I think it’s better it come back again so its kept us pretty busy today.

Chemo Round 3: Day 2

Well, this isn’t the post I started to write but things can change so quickly here. Day two started off ok although I didn’t get much sleep. The sleeper chair was stuck and wouldn’t pull all the way out and I couldn’t get comfortable like I normally do in the other chair. Shyanne was fussy… Continue reading Chemo Round 3: Day 2

Chemo Round 3: Day ?: Always Expect the Unexpected

So yesterday was supposed to be day 1 of Round 3 of Shyanne’s treatment for AML. We had been home for around three weeks this time due to her numbers not recovering quickly. When we got to clinic her numbers were AMAZING as her ANC was 3000! It had more than tripled since last week.

A quick update

Sorry we haven’t posted in a bit but we’ve been busy at home. Shyanne was scheduled to go back for Round 3 this last Monday, then it was moved to Tuesday because there were no open beds. On Tuesday her counts weren’t quite high enough so they gave us another week at home… yay! We’re… Continue reading A quick update