Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

This isn’t the post we thought we’d have but it’s a Christmas miracle that proves that prayers work! We got to come home! We are so very grateful to all of the nurses and staff who made this possible. To see the smile on her face as she realized she was headed home … that… Continue reading Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

Chemo Round 6: Day 21

Well, I really thought we would’ve been home by now but it’s good that we are here because her counts dropped again. Her ANC is now 10… can’t go much lower so we are praying it starts to recover soon. Her platelets and hemoglobin are steadily increasing so we just need those neutrophils to get… Continue reading Chemo Round 6: Day 21

Chemo Round 6: Day 13: Platelet Powerup

Shyanne had another good day but she was a bit naughty today. Maybe we can blame it on her ANC getting lower… it was at 180 this morning. Her platelets had dropped too so they went ahead and did a transfusion.

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