Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

This isn’t the post we thought we’d have but it’s a Christmas miracle that proves that prayers work! We got to come home! We are so very grateful to all of the nurses and staff who made this possible. To see the smile on her face as she realized she was headed home … that… Continue reading Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

Chemo Round 6: Day 1: Final Round!

Day 1 is finally here (and gone)… it was an emotional day but we’re so happy to be getting started on this final round of chemo! It feels like it’s been forever since our journey started and we don’t remember what ‘normal’ looks like but we’ll find it again, one day.

Chemo Round 5: Day 19

Just in case you haven’t heard already … we got to go home!!! It was a complete surprise when the doctors rounded and gave us the good news. We were so ready. We’ve got a lot to get done as she is scheduled to go back to start Round 6 on the 18th. This should… Continue reading Chemo Round 5: Day 19

Chemo Round 3: Day 24

This morning was so special as we had a beautiful discussion about faith with one of Shyanne’s doctors… he saw her blanket on the door with Psalm 139 on it and he loved it.

Chemo Round 3: Day 23

Just keep waiting… just keep waiting… those numbers will go up eventually. It’s hard being patient sometimes when all you want to do is go home but we know it’ll happen eventually.

Chemo Round 3: Day 19

It was yet another pretty boring day. Shyanne’s ANC went up to 20 which was double the day before but still not quite high enough to warrant a going home celebration so we will just wait.

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