Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

Clinic Visit

Clinic Visit http://kirbyskorner.site/2021/09/14/clinic-visit-2/ — Read on kirbyskorner.site/2021/09/14/clinic-visit-2/ I thought I was publishing this on Shyanne’s page but actually it published on mine so I’m sharing this update here:

Chemo Round 3: Day 24

This morning was so special as we had a beautiful discussion about faith with one of Shyanne’s doctors… he saw her blanket on the door with Psalm 139 on it and he loved it.

Chemo Round 3: Day 23

Just keep waiting… just keep waiting… those numbers will go up eventually. It’s hard being patient sometimes when all you want to do is go home but we know it’ll happen eventually.

Chemo Round 3: Day 22: Bath Time

We waited for what seemed like forever for her lab resultra to come in only to learn that her ANC was 10. Her hemoglobin was up though so no transfusion! Yay!

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