Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

Chemo Round 5: Day 1

Yesterday was the beginning of Round 5!!! It’s hard to believe that just a little over six months ago our world was turned upside down by her diagnosis. It has also felt like the longest days of our lives at times too… especially our time in the hospital while our home time just seems to… Continue reading Chemo Round 5: Day 1

Chemo Round 4: Day 15: Bath Time!

Shyanne has been a busy little lady today. She had a visit with Daddy this morning and then the Speech Therapists came in to work with her a little bit. She was excited when Daddy got in the floor to play with her but then he fell asleep. Just before daddy left the OT came… Continue reading Chemo Round 4: Day 15: Bath Time!

Chemo Round 4: Day 10

Yesterday was very busy but busy can be a good thing. Shyanne woke me up early this morning because she was wet. I thought I was safe but as soon as I got her diaper off she peed all over me… this is three mornings in a row that we’ve had pee/poo instances. I’ll be… Continue reading Chemo Round 4: Day 10

Chemo Round 4: Day 9

Not a lot to report today. I did get a bit more sleep last night as I just sat up and held her all night. She didn’t have anymore blowouts like yesterday but today she decided to pee through everything… my clothes were soaked as well. I got her changed and then got a quick… Continue reading Chemo Round 4: Day 9

Chemo Round 4: Day 2

Shyanne’s heart echo and ekg looked good so she stared her chemo this evening. They will have someone from cardiology look over the results and check in with us as well.

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