Chemo Round 3: Day 24

This morning was so special as we had a beautiful discussion about faith with one of Shyanne’s doctors… he saw her blanket on the door with Psalm 139 on it and he loved it.

Chemo Round 3: Day 23

Just keep waiting… just keep waiting… those numbers will go up eventually. It’s hard being patient sometimes when all you want to do is go home but we know it’ll happen eventually.

Chemo Round 3: Day 22: Bath Time

We waited for what seemed like forever for her lab resultra to come in only to learn that her ANC was 10. Her hemoglobin was up though so no transfusion! Yay!

Chemo Round 3: Day 16: Down to Zero

She finally hit Nadir and her ANC is zero which basics means she has no immune system right now. This is what we’ve been waiting on and it shows that the chemo is doing what it’s supposed to do… kill cells. Unfortunately it doesn’t discriminate between good cells and bad cells… they are all targets.

Chemo Round 3: Day 14

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 months since we learned that our baby girl would be in for yet another battle… I prayed so hard for it to be a mistake but it wasn’t.

Chemo Round 3: Day 8

It’s been a pretty good day. Getting the pain management underway yesterday was a blessing for sure as I think I can see some white patches (maybe the beginnings of mucositis?) in the back of her mouth this evening… she’s also been very sleepy and cranky this evening.