Chemo Round 3: Day 14

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 months since we learned that our baby girl would be in for yet another battle… I prayed so hard for it to be a mistake but it wasn’t.

Chemo Round 2: Day 24: Another Rough Day

Today (Day 24) was the day we went home on the last round but we won’t be going home for at least a couple more days. We were prepared for a longer stay as they had told us that this round would be more intense but the homesickness is really setting in. It’s been another… Continue reading Chemo Round 2: Day 24: Another Rough Day

Chemo Round 2: Day 23: Grumpy Girl

Day 23 was a not so good day. Shyanne was throwing up quite a bit in the morning. She didn’t eat breakfast at all. We spent most of the morning snuggling in the chair so Momma didn’t eat either.

Chemo Round 1: Day 12: Fevers

It’s already past lunch but I just now had a chance to sit down and write a little. Shyanne was very restless during the night and I had to hold her until about 5:30 this morning. I took a quick shower with the intention of getting a little sleep afterwards but she was up playing… Continue reading Chemo Round 1: Day 12: Fevers