Chemo Round 3: Day 14

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 months since we learned that our baby girl would be in for yet another battle… I prayed so hard for it to be a mistake but it wasn’t.

Chemo Round 2: Day 28

Day 28 was a pretty uneventful day once we got her pain level down. She didn’t eat much and she didn’t pee much so they will probably be starting fluids soon. She has didn’t have a poo so that means more medicine. I found that I can mix the Miralax with a bit of Pedialyte… Continue reading Chemo Round 2: Day 28

Chemo Round 2: Day 24: Another Rough Day

Today (Day 24) was the day we went home on the last round but we won’t be going home for at least a couple more days. We were prepared for a longer stay as they had told us that this round would be more intense but the homesickness is really setting in. It’s been another… Continue reading Chemo Round 2: Day 24: Another Rough Day

Chemo Round 2: Day 23: Grumpy Girl

Day 23 was a not so good day. Shyanne was throwing up quite a bit in the morning. She didn’t eat breakfast at all. We spent most of the morning snuggling in the chair so Momma didn’t eat either.

Chemo Round 2: Day 20

Today has been another big day of NOTHING… which is good. Shyanne has been sleeping a bit better but I still get up pretty early to feed her because I feel like she needs the extra calories/nutrition. She hasn’t argued with me as she likes the extra snuggle time as well.